Robin in Newfoundland - Part 7

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Rest up at the cabin before we head out for John Steffler , George Bowering and Linden McIntyre. Linden McIntyre is one of Canada 's most distinguished broadcast journalists.   He is well known for its investigative journalism with CBC TVs flagship investigative program Fifth Estate.   McIntyre has a reputation for both current and sensitivity in his storytelling.   His first novel, The Long Stretch was shortlisted for the Dartmouth book award and Canadian booksellers Association Libris award. He will be reading from his 2006 memoir of growing up in a Cape Breton transformed by its new connection to the mainland Causeway: Passage from Innocence . John Steffler has been a vital contributor to the Newfoundland literary community, both as a practicing and published poet common and his teacher of English and creative writing at Grenfell College .   His book The Grey Islands is a poetic exploration of Newfoundland 's past and a search for ghosts in an abandoned settlement on an abandoned island.   Steffler is the current parliamentary poet laureate.

I wasn't used to poetry readings so this could be a treat.   We took seats a little closer to the f ron t this time. There were not so many heads to look over or around. Linden McIntyre read from his autobiography. It was a piece about growing in Ireland with his Dad and uncle yarning at the pub. Both George Bowring and John Steffler are Parliamentary Poets Lureate and it was an honour to have them both on the same bill. The music would be provided by Pamela Morgan and Sandy Morris. Pamela introduced sandy as the 'festival's resident guitarist'. John Hutton has described Sandy as the most prolific guitarist. He is Prolific in the sense that he can play any style with anyone and has been doing so for years.










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