Monday morning came early even though we were in bed in good time. Weather looks fair, at least it's not raining and there is some blue breaking through.

Once again it was cereal and toast for Mom and I decided I needed an egg for some protein. We crammed the rest of the packable food in our bags then headed off. We settled our bill with Ivy and traded a tale or two about the highlights so far. In trying to book for next year Ivey tells me that Blanchard House is booked already for next year.






Of course I have to stop a few   more times along the road through the Tablelands for some last minute pictures and I learned that the settings for each mode get stores so I still have white balance issues on the spectacular landscapes.

Last stop in Woody Point; the shop Molly Made to see the rug hooking known as the Hunk in Hunky Dory. We shop in Hunky Dory for some souvenirs. Charley Payne's Cd is playing and I feel obliged to buy. Quel surprise.


I guess it's no surprise that we are leaving Gros Morne in the rain.


The road out to #430 seems tame compared to her first two journeys.   I remind mom of the naming of Pic -a – Tenerife .


We made it to the Town of Deer Lake faster than I anticipated.   While we were stopped at Tim's, I find we are only 50 km and 40 minutes from Corner Brook .   So off we go.   We pass Marble Mountain resort and I show mom the ski runs that we saw from the air.   We make our way downtown on the lower road along the river, through the mill area.   This guy is clearing nicely and the temperature is cool.   We made a stop at the Newfoundland shop on Broadway.   It was just a brief stop but still a great collection of books.   We took directions back to the highway and we head back to deer Lake Airport after a fast self-guided tour of downtown.


There seem to be many flights leaving about the same time and therefore longer lines than we would like.   Even still we had plenty of time before 7 p.m. flight.   The canteen was not very appealing for dinner and I sure didn't want fried food before flight so it's fruit and muffins for us both.   When they call our flight, mom raced right up f ron t and heads to the tarmac.   It's a very cute little prop EVAS, which stands for Exploits Valley air service.   19 seats and only 10 passengers, and no toilet.   It was a delightful flight even though we were both anxious for the loo .   My car rental information seems to be missing so I need to track it down.   In the meantime I find mom with the baggage and the cart.   She had taken off to find a toilet.

                                    Mom was in 4B, I was 4A




Once again we are heading into unfamiliar territory we are looking for are accommodations in the dark.   This time it is only 20 minutes and is a well lit road.   Our B&B is lovely.   Not only is our breakfast prepared as we light, though also prepares smacker box lunch.   We're all invited down to the living room for a glass of wine or tea /coffee at the end of the day to talk about our adventures.   Our hosts were both former teachers and seem to love the company.


There was so much choice of food there were two different menus to choose from cereal eggs meat, bread muffin juices and always fresh fruit.


We met Sandy and Seamus about 1030 and had a visit with them to see the downtown sites.   We strolled Water Street and planned some entertainment at Auntie Crae's .   Mom is almost willing to try anything just to show you Sandy talked about the daily sessions at Auntie Crae's .   The names didn't mean much to mom she didn't object and the session started at 12:30 but often not until one . It's on Water Street right in between some of the best cafés and close clothing shops.   It wasn't until we got to the f ron t door mom started to laugh.   All along she thought we were talking about the Antichrist.   Even though this didn't sound like anything typically Newfoundland .





While we sat to wait for the show to start one by one the musicians started to file it I noticed two of the fellows from the Stan Pickett of the Picket Line.   Unfortunately, I didn't know there any other names. It seemed like a session was about to start. At one nowhere close to it either so we made the tracks, since we planned on getting down to Bay Bulls and Ferryland .   We made our way along Water Street to Nonia for Some mitts mom picked a lovely handmade necklace and earring set. It depicted a line of “ode to Newfoundland ” referring to the sun on the sea and pine clad hills.