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Here you will find an ever growing listing of books and online resources that will help you learn more about the world of orchids. Complied by our Orchid professionals, this is fast becomming a remarkable research tool for the novice and serious student of horticulture.

Orchid Website Database
This is a searchable database of web links to societies, vendors, organizations throughout the world. Read and write customer reviews. Disclosure: This index is manually edited and does not contain paid links. All comments are moderated to prevent spam.

There is just not enough room on a plant tag to put everything. Orchidists have evolved their own shorthand - and it doesn't always make sense. Here is a list of some basics.

Orchid Article Directory
A growing collection of articles and information on a wide range of subjects related to orchids. This includes information on orchid care and more scientific interests.

A selection of orchid themed videos.