As the weather was moving pretty fast, the sky and light were ever changing.   The patterns of the water are particularly mesmerizing and it took a great deal of concentration to follow the whales.   They were very far off and infrequent. mom never managed to get a glimpse of any.   Perhaps she was trying or expecting to see the tail of a humpback diving back into the sea.



  Next stop Petty Harbor . The sun is peeking through the clouds. The clouds are breaking up and we are feeling more refreshed and lively. Coming down in cabs the air we are perhaps I had to make a stop for some more photos, looking back up the hill to the lighthouse it was some spectacular view.   As we leave there is some traffic on the road, stopped.   It appeared that a family in a van was feeding some Newfoundland foxes that were peeking out from behind the bushes at the side of the road. There are signs posted not to feed the animals but that didn't stop these folks.



The road out of Cape Spear is quite narrow and winding. One turn leads into another and before we know where rounding a rocky bend and out of the left side window is in Motion Bay , the outer harbor of Petty Harbour .   Motion Bay got its name by the way the water flows back and forth with the tides, in and out gently rocking back and forth, always in motion.



Petty Harbor is a very quaint old fishing village perched at the head land of the Bay.   Fish plants have been on either side but now are there are none.   The wharf is very active and has been maintained throughout.   The Scademia now docks here after moving from SJ.   It's the middle of the week, and midafternoon , no fishermen   to be found on the wharf and we are free to walk from one end to the other.   Houses cling to the sides of the bay like the battery.   At the head of the Bay or harbor a River plunges down the hills.   There is a bridge the divide the towns between Catholics and Anglicans.   I read about this in the ‘Iambics of Newfoundland' by Robert Finch.   He has written more than one chapter about spending time in Christmas and Petty Harbour .   A friend has loaned him accommodations.   He finds the time to get to know the culture and the neighbors make themselves known to him.   They are a very eclectic group of people that want him to join in their merriment.