Robin's Trip to Newfoundland 2007

It was a great trip. However, it wasn't the trip I planned as Mom had twisted her ankle two weeks before, while she was visiting my brother out at Salt Spring. Walking far was not on her agenda. That put a bit of a damper on her hiking. My cell phone never worked after leaving Pearson, not even in St. John 's . (I think this is must be why Rogers is working so hard promoting it's Home Phone cable service. They aren't making any money on cell service in NL). Since Mom wasn't up to walking, I didn't want to leave her anywhere that she couldn't contact me so we stuck pretty close together the whole time. There was no off road adventure this time. The writers' festival was amazing. The location was fabulous and was totally suited to the events. It's too bad it is so far removed from St. John 's but I guess that is part of the charm. It is such a freakin ' big island.   


Hey Phyllis

I had to take a bit of time before I wrote about the trip. I wanted the good stuff to settle in as lots went w ron g and I was afraid I would dwell on that. It sounds like you had a great time on your hike and climb. I am still hoping to make that climb. We had a great deal of rain every day.

My cell service is with Rogers and I had no idea that I would not have service there (it only worked in downtown SJ). We were at some cabins a bit out of town at Trout River . I hoped Mom would be comfortable there if I found some one with whom to go hike. The other guests stayed inside so she hadn't met anyone. I did not feel that I could leave her, so I didn't. Next time though. I had made the reservations back in December and couldn't get anything in Woody Point less than 190 a night. I will try harder to be right in Woody Point , it is much handier.

The festival was great. Great writers and storytellers. I left a fair bit of cash in Gros Morne buying books. I needed another suitcase for the books. The rain didn't really keep us from doing things each day but we were late getting started since it was most often raining when we rose. Back and forth to Woody Point each day, was a bit tiring for Mom. On the weekends there were two performances a day, so we did it twice a day.

I think I pooped her out, so by the time we got to SJ her resistance was down and the bug got her easily. I could see the city had grown but still had all of it's charm. I wished we had more time (next time!). Mom wanted to see Pouch Cove before we went down to Bay Bulls, so when my friend picked us up in Conception Bay South, she didn't really know the way, (she's only been there since April) and it took a little longer to find our way. Mom needed to keep stopping so we had a lovely cuppa at a little place in Pouch Cove that had some art. The artist was in residence and actually was from To ron to , of all places. She and her husband have a place there. They come and paint all summer. When we showed interest in her work she wanted us to come to her studio to see some big pieces. It was a pleasant enough afternoon but we never got down to Bay Bulls or Ferryland lighthouse. On my last day there I had lunch with John Hutton. We hadn't seen each other for a good twenty years. He was charming as ever, his hugs were very warm and talking was so easy. We had a great lunch at 'the Duke' and the time went so fast. He is in real estate and doing very well. He recently married his second wife, whom he had known a long time too.

I am in the process of putting our photo albums together. I am doing Mom's up special with lots of notes in it as she forgets many of the details of where we were. I am doing a little extra internet research on bits that are sketchy with me. We saw a sub in St. John 's harbour and a rig being repaired in Conception Bay South, so I wanted to get some of those details for her.



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