What Is The Significance of Orchid Bark?

By Jason Hobbs

Orchids are considered to be the best effervescent flowers that are seen in broad variety of shapes and colors. In order to successfully grow the orchids, an orchid grower needs to fulfill few criteria for the maximum blooming of the flower. It is very essential to stick to the pre-requisites, since orchids are regarded to be very finicky flowers that demands huge attention and care. For instance, few species of orchids require a considerably high amount of light to bloom. On the other hand, the temperature needs to be controlled since if it is too hot the leaves can burn causing them yellow in color. Humidity, very little in amount is always considered to be an excellent growing factor of such finicky flowers. Moreover, they are also referred to be thirsty plants requiring huge amount of water to saturate the soil. However, the most vital additive for the orchid flowers is the orchid bark.

What is an Orchid Bark?

Orchid Bark is an exclusive mixture of nutrients and vitamins that is configured especially for the prosperous health of orchid plants. The blend of orchid bark is impeccable in providing the appropriate consistency that is sufficient enough to allow the air to pass via the mixture. This promotes the healthy and proper growing of orchid plants. Hence, the orchid bark is the most essential item in the growth of an orchid plant. Before purchasing the orchid bark, it is suggested to conduct a detailed research and understand about the various mixtures of bark that are available. This research can be conducted with the help of the internet. After being aware about the same, an individual requires to visit the orchid nursery in order to find the best orchid bark. The orchid barks are available in regular grade and medium grade both are unique in their configurations and add a separate element to mixture of soil.

Types of Orchid Bark:

Innumerable blends of orchid barks are available in the market. Alternatively, a person can research the most comprehensive list of orchid bark on the internet. Various online vendors are selling their custom made orchid barks on their website. For instance, an orchid bark made up of fir is available commonly in the market, especially United States Market. It is primarily configured of Douglas fir. Another example of orchid bark is the Non-Bark mix, this is configured of perlite, charcoal as well a fine quality potting mix. Remember that orchids needs to be grown in the orchid barks with pots having good drainage system, soil need not to be used for the orchid plants, since it cuts the air circulation close to the roots of orchids and thereby, blocks water drainage.

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