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About Jay Norris

Jay is a founder of Ravenvision and is an accredited AOS orchid judge. He is the photographer for the Toronto Judging Center. His work has been published in Awards Quarterly, Orchids (Journal of the AOS), Orchid Digest and Ultimate Orchid (created in association with the Smithsonian Institution and the AOS). He also serves on the Species Identification Task Force for the AOS. He lives in Stratford, Ontario and has been growing orchids for over 30 years.

Do I have to repot? Really? But I don’t want to? Why?

That is usually the first question I get asked when people see the options available for repotting orchids. And my answer is: Yes. Yes, really. I’m sorry but it is necessary. Yes you have to. Do you want your orchids … Continue reading

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The Origins Of Bamboo Orchids

Bamboo has become such a current lodge in current time; not only can you grow and like it but it’s use in other areas such as timber carpet and as blinds is quickly ahead in popularity. Then there’s the human … Continue reading

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