Orchid Challenge


Think you know your orchids? We show you 20 images randomly selected from our vast image bank. Each has four possible names. Only one is right. Test your taxinomic prowess.

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Advanced (no comparing apples to oranges here)

Top Advanced scores
Guest 18 2015-04-21
neb 16 2016-01-21
Guest 15 2018-01-09
neb2 14 2016-01-21
DL 13 2015-11-28
Top Intermediate Scores
D 20 2018-03-05
Guest 20 2015-11-27
Guest 20 2015-11-27
linda baker 20 2015-06-22
Guest 20 2015-04-23

The Intermediate level will suggest random orchid names. If you know the difference between a Phaleonopsis and a Cattleya, you should be fine.

The Advance level suggests names in the same category. So it helps to be familiar with popular hybrid trends. Hint: sometimes the clonal name will help.

Most of these images are AOS award photos taken by Jay Norris and Robin Mclaughlin over the past several years. Some are kind of "arty" - but that makes it a challenge. Check out the Image Bank for more photos.