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Orchid Select Blog

Billed as "Single-stop source for everything you wanted to know about orchids"

USA NJ North America
West Coast Orchid Enthusiasts ORCHIDELIRIUM Blog

Your source for orchid news and information from around the world - and from our own collections! -- Brought to you by Jenn, Naomi & Sasha @ West Coast Orchid Enthusiasts

Canada BC North America
Orchids Wiki Database

USA North America
Orchidstudium Project Database

The Orchidstudium Project is a non profit organization that congregates researchers and collectors of orchids, mainly of Brazilian native species, for the purpose of extending and spreading the knowledge of these plants. As the existing bibliography on Brazilian orchids is quite old and incomplete, the main project of the group is the publication of the online Orchids Photographic Encyclopedia that can be accessed on Photos menu link. The Encyclopedia is designed to be a fast and practical tool for identification of worlwide orchid species and includes nomenclatural changes that continue to occur nowadays.

Brazil South America
Dracula Species Database Database

A list of Dracula species with photos and cultural info.

San Francisco USA CA North America
The Slipper Orchid Forum Forum

North America
Orchidforums.net - The Orchid Community. Forum

An online community featuring discussions on identifying orchids, pests and problems, general discussion as well as photo sharing. Free to join

Orchid Board Forum

Discussions and resources

Orchid Plant Care Information

How to Grow Breathtaking Orchids - Even If You've Never Raised One Before. Simply Orchid Plant Care Website Reveals All The Secrets. Long-lost manuscript found under dusty table reveals amazing orchid plant care tips and tricks to wow even the most orchid plant care experts.

USA North America
Orchid Grower Information

USA Illinois North America
The Sobralia Pages Information

Taxonomy, Images, Habitat, Culture,
AOS Awards, and plant/seed/flask sources
by Nina Rach

USA TX North America
The Stanhopea Pages Information

Taxonomy, Images, Culture, Awards, Events,
Literature, and plant/seed/flask sources
by Nina Rach

USA TX North America
Dallas Judging Center Judging Centre

Monthly Judgings are 2nd Saturday of each month at The A&M Extension Center
17360 Coit Road, Dallas, TX 75252
(Just south of the George Bush Tollway, on the East side of the street)

and Society Information USA TX North America
Florida North Central Judging Center Judging Centre

Tampa USA FL North America
Florida-Caribbean Regional Judging Center Judging Centre

Miami USA FL North America
Houston Judging Center Judging Centre

USA TX North America
Pacific Central Judging Center Judging Centre

Oakland/San Francisco USA CA North America
American Orchid Society Organisation

The American Orchid Society is more than just a flower club. Throughout its 85-year history the AOS, in keeping with its vision and mission, has strived to bring our members timely and state-of-the-art orchid information, support basic and applied research in orchids, and monitor and support conservation effort both here in North America as well as throughout the World.

USA North America
Canadian Orchid Congress Organisation

an association of Canadian orchid societies that is dedicated to serve the Canadian orchid-growing public. The COC represents affiliated societies and their members on Canada wide issues. This is achieved by a newsletter, a website, speaker tours, an annual conference devoted to the advancement of knowledge and appreciation of orchids in Canada, and other activities that can be shared by the member societies. There are over twenty-five Canadian orchid societies that are members of the Canadian Orchid Congress.

Canada North America
Cymbidium Society of America Organisation

OBJECTIVES OF THE SOCIETY: To stimulate and extend the appreciation of Cymbidium, Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, and other orchids grown outdoors in Southern California and similar climates, and to develop, acquire, and disseminate information concerning them and their culture.
Membership is $35/year. The CSA Journal is published 6 times per year.

USA North America
Orange County Branch of the Cymbidium Society of America Organisation

Orange County USA CA North America
Gold Coast Cymbidium Growers Organisation

San Mateo USA CA North America
International Phalaenopsis Alliance Organisation

USA North America
The Maxillaria Tribe Organisation

USA North America
The Mid-America Orchid Congress Organisation

USA North America
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