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Krull-Smith Vendor

We are absolutely dedicated to providing the highest quality species and hybrids of Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas, and Paphiopedilums, as well as a wide array of novelty orchids such as Bulbophyllums - sought after by serious orchid hobbyists and collectors who are especially interested in showing their plants as well as creating unique and high quality orchid collections.

Altamonte Springs USA FL North America
Virginia Orchid Society Society

Richmond USA VA North America
Leaf & Learn Vendor

specializing in phalaenopsis orchids plants at wholesale or retail prices.

Los Angeles USA CA North America
Lehua Orchids Vendor

Miltoniopsis, Miltonia, nobile Dendrobium
and other select genera are also grown for the resale market

Kurtistown USA HI North America
Volusia County Orchid Society Society

DeLand USA FL North America
Lion's Den Orchids Vendor

We at Lion's Den Orchids provide a fine collection of orchid plants for the commercial market and collector.

Though we have a diverse collection of plant material to choose from, our fascination with Zygopetalums is reflected in the large variety of these available.

Woodside USA CA North America
Washington State Native Orchids Club Society

USA WA North America
Lowe's Orchids Vendor

selected mericlone hybrids & a number of species

Keaau USA HI North America
Main Street Orchids Vendor

Perkasie USA PA North America
Wisconsin Orchid Society Society

Wauwatosa USA WI North America
Marble Branch Farms Vendor

Quality 'mini' and compact cattleyas, unique hybrids!
Our goal is to offer your high quality orchid plants with an emphasis on miniature and compact Cattleya alliance hybrids. We also have developed our own breeding program in order to provide a source for new and unique orchid hybrids that aren't being offered elsewhere.

Walhalla USA SC North America
The World Orchid Conference Trust Organisation

USA North America
Marlow Orchids Vendor

Oncidium, Paphs, Phals, Zygos, Cymb. Species & Supplies.

Scottsville USA NY North America
Marriott Orchids Vendor

Fine breeder of complex paph orchids ( Complex Paphiopedilum ), with an emphasis on pinks and whites...also, select species and primaries.

Kernersville USA NC North America
McLellan Botanicals Vendor

McLellan Botanicals offers orchids and orchid care classes, and Phalaenopsis, Oncidium and Dendrobium potted orchids for sale on the web.

San Francisco USA CA North America
Meke Aloha Orchids Vendor

Meke Aloha Orchids is a family owned business devoted entirely to orchids. We specialize in Laelia(Schomburgkia)/Myrmecophila and we are one of the leading breeder of hybrids involving these genera in the world.

Sarasota USA FL North America
Merkles Orchids Vendor

Phalaenopsis, awarded & select clones of Cattleyas, Paphs, Phrags, & misc. hybrids & species.

Nashville USA TN North America
Mickey's Orchids Vendor

Specializing in Frequent Bloomers

Fort Lauderdale USA FL North America
Mid-Pacific Orchids Vendor

We offer a wide assortment of Phalaenopsis, Cattleya and Oncidium orchids as well as a few supplies.

USA HI North America
Mike's Orchids and Tropicals Vendor

Leasing and Retail of Quality Cym., Den. and Phal. Orchids.

USA NC North America
Miller's Tropicals Vendor

Specializing in Tropical and Vandaceous Orchid Species!

USA FL North America
Miranda Orchids Vendor

Selected plants and information on Brazilian Orchids

Haines City USA FL North America
More Orchids Vendor

Cattleyas and Laelia Purpuratas Species

USA CA North America
Mount Prospect Orchids Vendor

Paphs, Phrags, Bulbophylums, Species! New 2008 Price List!

Brooklyn USA NY North America
Mountain Orchids Vendor

Mountain Orchids specializes in choice plant species, miniature orchids and select hybrids for the discriminating grower, including Pleurothallids , Masdevallia, Dracula, Dendrobiums, & terrarium plants!

Springfield USA VT North America
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