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Name Type Description City Ascending Country State Region
Riverbend Orchids Vendor

Newly Designed Site!

USA MS North America
KBR Orchids Vendor

Cattleya, Ascocenda, and Vanda

Thailand Asia
Orchid Society of South East Asia Society

Singapore Asia
Roger's Orchids Vendor

Photos and Cultivation Tips!

USA North America
Kultana Orchids Vendor

Thailand Asia
Perak Orchid Society Society

One of the oldest Orchid Societies in Malaysia.
Our family of Orchidophlies meet on a regular basis to share in our love for the Orchidaceae family

Malaysia Asia
Rome's Orchid Nursery Vendor

Updated catalogue. Specializing in species, Paphs, and unusual hybrids!

USA OR North America
Majik Orchid Vendor

Orchid Specialist in Vanda, Ascocenda,Vascostylis, Rhynchostylis and Cattleya.

Thailand Asia
Perak Orchidist Association Society

Malaysia Asia
Rozanski Orchid House Vendor

Specializing in Quality Cattleyas, Phals, Paphs, Oncidiums, Epicatts, Vandaceous & Others!

USA FL North America
Meen Nursery Vendor

Specializing in Bulbophyllum hybrids.

Thailand Asia
Ruben In Orchids Vendor

Flasks and Plug Trays Cattleya species and related hybrids. Celebrating 45 years in business.

USA FL North America
Orchid Thai Vendor

Experts for planting & breeding especially Vanda and Ascocenda, wholesale/retail

Thailand Asia
Sandstone Orchids Vendor

Bulbophyllums, unusual species and new hybrids

USA OK North America
Orchid Thailand Vendor

Cut Flowers!

Thailand Asia
Orchids Wiki Database

USA North America
Pachara Orchids Intertrade Co. Ltd. Vendor

Specializing in Vanda, Dendrobium, Cattleya, & other varieties

Thailand Asia
Sapphire Dragon Orchids Vendor

Coerulea Phalaenopsis hybrids and species.

USA CA North America
Royal Orchids Vendor

Dendrobuim, Vanda, Cattleya, Mokara flasks, seedlings, mature plants

Thailand Asia
A & P Orchids Vendor

We at A&P Orchids started growing Phals and Paphs over 30 years ago. In 1985 we acquired the Mt. Madonna Orchids (Bob Jones) collection. We have been hybridizing, growing, flowering, and selecting plant material of the flowering generations. We have had our share of growing pains and came out he wiser. Our growing is now state-of-the-art and we dare say we have assembled one of the best and all inclusive Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum collections.

USA MA North America
Leo Schordje Vendor

Phrags, Paphs, orchids, bamboo, bonsai & bonsai pots!

USA IL North America
S.B. Green Vendor


Thailand Asia
Scott's Rainbow Orchids Vendor

Specializing in Exceptional Personal Service

USA TX North America
Sangjant Orchid Vendor

Professional wholesale orchid nursery plants in Thailand specialising in Vanda and Dendrobium.

Thailand Asia
Abunda Flora Vendor

Mexican species, Vanilla, Tropical Cymbidium, Coffee Logs, Mexican Tours

USA TX North America
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