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Name Type Ascending Description City Country State Region
Native Orchid Conservation Inc. Organisation

A non-profit conservation organization that works to protect wetlands rich in orchids or other rare native plants and to foster an appreciation of these mini-ecosystems through education and fieldtrips.

Winnipeg Canada MB North America
Native Orchid Conference Inc. Organisation

USA North America
The Odontoglossum Alliance Organisation

USA North America
Orchid Conservation Alliance Organisation

USA North America
Orchid Conservation Coalition Organisation

The Orchid Conservation Coalition (OCC) is a grassroots organization made up of people, orchid societies, and orchid businesses dedicated to raising awareness and money for orchid conservation.

USA North America
The Orchid Digest Organisation

USA North America
The Orchid Forum of Sacramento Organisation

Sacramento USA CA North America
Orchid Growers' Guild Inc. Organisation

Madison USA WI North America
The Orchid Specialist Group (OSG) of the IUCN Spec Organisation

USA North America
Pleurothallid Alliance Organisation

US USA North America
The Slipper Orchid Alliance Organisation

USA North America
SouthWest Regional Orchid Growers Association Inc. Organisation

USA North America
The World Orchid Conference Trust Organisation

USA North America
Asociacion Civil Argentina de Orquideologia Organisation

Argentina 1 South America
Brazilian Orchid Societies Organisation

A list of links. Many do not work.

Brazil South America
English Orchid Societies Organisation

UK Europe
Epiphytic Plant Research and Information Center Organisation

Netherlands Europe
Orchid Conservation International Organisation

UK Europe
The Pleurothallid Alliance UK Organisation

This site is in early stages of development. Not much content yet. No contact info

UK Europe
The Royal Horticultural Society Organisation

The mother of all societies. A vast source of information on culture and hybrids

UK Europe
Scottish Orchid Societies Organisation

UK Europe
South African Orchid Council Organisation

South Africa Africa
Australian Orchid Council Organisation

Australia South Pacific
Orchid Council Of New Zealand Organisation


* To promote and encourage the study, cultivation and conservation of
orchids, and the dissemination of information on orchid culture to and
between member societies.
* To support and correlate the efforts of member societies and to advance
the development of orchid growing as a recreational activity for young
and old alike.
* To support and stimulate the recognition by the public at large of orchid
displays as a creative art form.To establish and maintain procedures and
standards whereby orchids may be judged and awarded. To assist member
societies in the promotion and conduct of regional and national orchid
shows and expositions if requested to do so.

New Zealand South Pacific
Orchid Societies Council of Victoria Organisation

The Orchid Societies Council of Victoria (OSCOV) was formed in April 1992 in response to the need for Victoria (Australia) to have a truly representative body to coordinate the activities of various Victorian orchid societies and to act as a forum at state level. The Council currently has 30 member societies. These societies are equal members and not merely affiliates of some other body.

Australia Victoria South Pacific
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