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Australian Orchid Council Organisation

Australia South Pacific
Australian Orchid Vendors Vendor

Australia South Pacific
Australian Orchids Vendor

Australia South Pacific
Austrian Orchid Society Society

Vienna Austria Europe
AWZ Orquideas Vendor

Brazil South America
Azienda Agricola Nardotto e Capello Vendor

Orchid species and hybrids; picture gallery!

Italy Europe
Ballado Orchids Vendor

Cattleyas hybrids mounted on manzanita wood, spanish moss and supplies. Orchid rentals.

Berlin USA CT North America
Bangkokflower.com Vendor

Thailand fresh cut orchids exporter, wholesale fresh cut orchids and tropical plants for sale.

Thailand Asia
Bankstown Orchid Society Society

The aim of the Bankstown Orchid Society Inc., is to promote the growing of one of the most bizarre, colourful, interesting, beautiful and wide spread group of plants in the world. 'The Orchid'.

Orchids are grown in every country of the world with the exception of Antarctica and the possibility is that the only reason they are not there, is because they have not as yet been found.

Orchids range in size from the minute, which require a strong magnifying glass to see and appreciate them, to very large flowers.

Bankstown Australia NSW South Pacific
Baron's Orchids Vendor

retail/wholesale and ship orchids U.S.A. domestic

USA CA North America
Batavia Orchid Society Society

The Batavia Orchid Society (BOS) welcomes all orchid enthusiasts. We pride ourselves in sharing information on orchid growing. Every month we feature speakers or programs that will help you learn more about the rewarding hobby of growing orchids. We have an exciting monthly show table were members bring in their flowering plants for judging. At the end of the year prizes are given to the top points winners. Our members range from novices to professional growers with one aim -- to share their enjoyment of growing orchids. Monthly meetings regularly include a brief business meeting, a discussion of monthly orchid care, plant judging, an orchid raffle, and our monthly presentation.

Batavia USA IL North America
Baton Rouge Orchid Society Society

Baton Rouge USA LA North America
Bayou Orchids Vendor

seedlings, mericlones, divisions, & stem props!

USA FL North America
BEAT Orchids Vendor

Dedicated to Paphs and Phrags! Connoisseur Seedling List, Auctions & Photos!

USA MD North America
Beautiful Orchids Vendor

Shipping Orchids to Your Doorstep, Nationwide!

San Francisco USA CA North America
Beauty Orchids Vendor

Huge Selection of High Quality Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas & More!

Taiwan Asia
Bedford Orchids Vendor

USA MA North America
Befort Gartenbau Vendor

specializing in all kind of species from all over the world, shipment international

Germany Europe
Bela Vista Orchids Vendor

Brazil South America

Sweden Europe
Bergstrom Orchids Vendor

Home of Sibelius the Cat! Mostly orchid species.

Keaau USA HI North America
Bertrams Blooms Vendor

Hardy and tender orchids, flasks, seedlings etc..

United Kingdom Europe
Big Leaf Orchids Vendor

Phalaenopsis Plants For Sale/Trade! We are primarily a retail store catering to hobbyists via Internet. We attend orchid shows and plant sale with local orchid societies.

USA TX North America
BiOrquidtropic Peru Lab Vendor

Flasks, mostly of all peruvian species, and others

Peru South America
Bird's Botanicals Vendor

Where the Orchids Are...
Our state of the art orchid cave features over one hundred species and over two hundred varieties of orchids. Our gift shop has everything you need to get started and keep your orchids happy for years to come, as well as fountains and other garden items.

USA MO North America
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